16 Cuts High Quality Topaz AB Hotfix Ironed On Rhinestone Strass H40

16 Cut High Quality Heat Transfer Topaz AB Hotfix Glass Rhinestones

16 face cut 8 big 8 small facets high quality non hotfix flat back rhinestone strass


Color:60+ colors are available choice


Colors:Topaz AB

Item No.: H40

Facets:16 facets


Size:SS6 SS8 SS10 SS12 SS16 SS20 SS30

Shape:Iron on rhinestones

Material:Glass Crystal Strass

Technics:Iron On,Hotfix

Feature: dazzling brightness, strong glue, low defect, clear edge & corner, machine cut, a high index of refraction.
Product Advantages: A Diamond drill machine cut, 16 facets evenly distributed, cutting technology skills.B.Using the German low-temperature glue, easy iron, Layer solid, sticky strongly C.Crystal Pure unadulterated shiny, uniform particles integrity, fewer defects.

Usage:Competition Bikini/Costume/Dance Wear/Wedding shoes/Bags/EveningDress/Wedding Dress/Gym clothing/Rhythmic clothing,etc.

Our company specializes in the production of bikini connectors,hotfix/non hotfix rhinestones,sew-on crystal,jewelry,etc.We can produce most of the accessories needed for competition bikini,dance wear,RG leotards,stage wear,etc. with competitive price and excellent quality.Our products are very competitive in price and reliable in quality.

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