Full Face Shield Transparent Face Field Protective Face Mask

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Material: PET
Color: Transparent
Item Size: 330 * 220mm 
Item Weight: 40g / 1.23ounces


1. Double-sided Anti-fog and Anti-static PET material,Optically clear, no distortion free wrap-around face shied.
2. Can be recycled after disinfection, Cover area from top of the eyebrow to chin, Full Facial Protection from spray and splatter, droplets, saliva,oil,dust and so on.
3. Strip and fixing devic holds shield away from face, allowing room for goggles or glasses.
4. The Comfortable and Skin-friendly Sponge,the lastic band good elasticity which can be adjusted for adult men and wom, Piece that fits a various range of face shapes and sizes. suitable for most people.
5. No smells, Ultra soft, Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to put on. 6. Please Remove the outer protective film before using. Rinse with water to clean. 7. Recommended to use with masks. Please Away from fire.
Warm reminder: The company’s protective masks are only used for daily protection, anti-fog, anti-spray, anti-oil in the kitchen, anti-splashing, isolation, non-medical supplies, not medical.

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