Flower style of bikini connectors for decoratings competition bikinis NPC IFBB WBFF INBA

Stunning!Flowers style bikini connectors for decoratings competition bikinis.

Producted by Shininggem

Usage:Competition bikinis,Stage bikini,Samba costume,NPC BIKINI,INBA BIKINI,IFBB BIKINI,WFBB BIKINI,CBBF, NGA, Muscle Mania, IFPA, OCB, NANBF, INBF, UNBA, INBA, NPA, bodybuilding competitions and pageants.

Tips:Because our company’s product styles are so diverse, they cannot be uploaded to the website in a short time, please understand! If you can’t find the products you need, Our company can customize it according to the requirements of your drawings or samples.
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