Sparkling 3 rows Flexible connectors BCL82

Elastic connectos made with sparkling stones.

Shininggem-High quality of flexible connectors.This style of connectors can strech and shrink.

1)Mateial:Alloy & crystal


3)Size:custom made

4)Shape:3 rows of Crystal  connectors

5)MOQ:200 pieces

6)Base:Silver plating or Gold plating available

7)Accessories Quality:High quality stones/Flexible

8)Usage:Competition bikinis,Stage bikini,Samba costume,NPC BIKINI,INBA BIKINI,IFBB BIKINI,WFBB BIKINI,CBBF, NGA, Muscle Mania, IFPA, OCB, NANBF, INBF, UNBA, INBA, NPA, bodybuilding competitions and pageants.

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