KN95 mask 5 layers of dustproof and breathable KN95 disposable protection droplets safety

Factory direct spot KN95 mask 5 layers of dustproof and breathable N95 disposable protection droplets safety.This product is not a medical mask.

[Executive standard]: GB2626-2006 KN95

[Production date]: March 2020 [The date is constantly updated]

[Shelf life]: 3 years


These masks are only for personal protection and are non-medical products. This mask is dustproof and isolates droplets. Please note that even wearing homemade masks does not completely isolate the virus, the key is to maintain personal social distance. We only provide regular materials suitable for civilian masks. Customers are advised to pay attention to these terms when purchasing homemade mask materials, and do so at their own risk. Upon purchase or transaction, the representative agrees to these terms.


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