DIY Homemade Face Masks Material Set

Surgical face mask disposable tie-on 3 ply nonwoven face masks for personal usage(Non medical)

20+20+25g/m2 nonwoven face mask,face mask,earloop face mask surgical disposable.
* Disposable nonwoven: available in many colors, you pick up the color
* Soft and convenient.
* Preventing from bacteria and dust.

  Products 3ply surgical face mask with ties
Material SBPP nonwoven,beltblown,TNT
Color Light Blue
Gram weight 20+20+25g/m2
Type disposable and breathable
Ply type 1ply, 2ply, 3ply
Pattern with earloop/tie on
Certificate SG
Size 17.5 x 9.5cm
Remark Available in different weight,colour,size and packing as requested;Customer`s samples and specifications are always welcome.


SHININGGEM Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sports fabrics and accessories. At present, due to the severe global epidemic situation, our fabric factory implements national policies and cooperates with medical fabric manufacturers to produce scarce protective equipment.The accessories shop normally accepts regular orders.

Homemade masks are only for personal protection and are non-medical products. This mask is dustproof and isolates droplets. Please note that even wearing homemade masks does not completely isolate the virus, the key is to maintain personal social distance. We only provide regular materials suitable for civilian masks. Customers are advised to pay attention to these terms when purchasing homemade mask materials, and do so at their own risk. Upon purchase or transaction, the representative agrees to these terms.



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