Round Shape Bra Case for Storaging invisible silicone bra

Use for Storaging invisible silicone bra.

This is a protective carrying case for your invisible silicone bra. 

Dimensions:16cm x 16cm

Material:Environmentally friendly EVA,Antibacterial


More models and quotes, please e-mail consultation.

Cleaning and maintenance: Please scrub or dry cleaning, after washing, please put it in a cool dry, and avoid exposure.


1. Bra case can make your bra will not be deformed due to extrusion; have a bra bag, so that bra maintenance becomes easier!

2. Large size design, can accommodate A cup to D cup bra, the number of up to 7; whether it is home, travel, are a good choice;
If you often go to the gym, it is a rare helper!

3. Stunning design and stylish appearance, will make you put it down; whether it is for personal use, or as a gift friends and relatives, will let the beauty of the female extraordinary appreciation!


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